About Sofia Rebecka Jensen

Since becoming a licensed psychologist in 2005, I have been creating a “differential” approach to psychotherapy. Differential Psychotherapy focuses on finding differences within a given problem and then making significant differences in how clients think and feel about these problems.

This means that I will work with you to dive into what is going on for you. I am willing to roll up my sleeves, dive into the scary parts, and also wonder “what if?”

I believe that part of healing is to get the feeling of being seen, heard, and understood. I will be on your side and I will challenge what we find, but I will do it in collaboration with you.

Taking a differential approach to one’s problems also requires that we loosen the problem’s grip. This requires tapping into the effect of the problem and then finding ways around it or out of the problem. I am committed to stay with you on this journey and to teach you the tools of getting better, so over time you can apply the tools to new problems yourself. I believe that when a person has a problem and they come to see me, they already have the power to solve it. The problem solving might just feel a bit elusive, and I am there as a co-detective, figuring out how to bring those abilities of managing problems back in a conscious way.

I was born in 1971.

  • Cand. Psych. in 2005

  • Cand. Psych. Aut. in 2012

  • Post education in hypnosis

  • Post education in narrative therapy

  • Post education in cognitive therapy, 2 year specialist level

  • Post education in EMDR, trauma therapy

  • Post education in NADA, ear acupunture

  • Special interest in the connection between emotions, the brain and the gut