Generalised anxiety
If you suffer from generalised anxiety it means that you are taunted by worry and feel physically unsettled (which can show itself in many ways). Worries might revolve around illness, either your own or with people you care about. It can also be worry on a bigger scale; e.g. regarding mankind and the world as it is. Someone living with anxiety will be focused on the negative consequences based on worries and can’t seem to get out of it.

On the physical side, a person with generalised anxiety might have difficulty breathing, feel pressure across the chest, nausea, pain and aches, and unsettled feelings in the stomach. Other signs can be increased pulse rate, dizziness, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, wanting to cry for no reason, trouble sleeping, not being able to work, and having difficulty being your normal self.

What we will do is to figure out what this is all about, and with this turn things around. We will look at the consequences and give it a reality check in such a way that you gradually get more and more control over your thoughts and feelings. We will see through the intention of anxiety and figure out how to find a new place outside of your body for it.


Performance anxiety
This kind of anxiety shows itself when projects come up that can seem overwhelming. It can be a fear of being ridiculed, making mistakes based on prior experiences, or just imagined negative outcomes around having to perform. Triggers can be exams, meetings, conversations, seminars, or other places where other people are listening to what you have to say. Here we will first unfold the fears and then practice in a way that will help you function better in your everyday life.


Social anxiety
When you have social anxiety you feel uneasy in social settings and can have a feeling of wanting to avoid gatherings and cancel meetings. It can arise from a fear of rejection, a fear of being humiliated, or just not knowing how to conduct yourself. It can be based on experiences you have had or from imagined situations. No matter the origin it will control how you feel and think and how you conduct yourself in social settings. We will work on returning the control back to you.


Panic attacks
This kind of anxiety can feel very scary because it feels like it comes out of the blue and it overwhelms without any obvious reason. It may feel like your body is collapsing right under you and for no logical reason. It can also be an attack that is tied to certain situations—a kind of pattern that we can investigate and do something about. What we will do is examine feelings, thoughts, bodily reactions and actions while looking for a way to break the pattern. We will confront the situations that triggers it for you in a way that helps you master the attacks. We will do it step-by-step so you will stop fearing the attacks while preparing to getting rid of the attacks all together.