First of all, being depressed is not the same as having a depression. We can all feel depressed from time to time dealing with daily ups and downs. Having a depression is a more constant feeling of not being able to see any meaning in life, not wanting to engage in it, having no energy, and feeling overwhelmed by sadness and hopelessness. Some of the physical signs can be:


Some physical signs could be:

Feeling constantly tired

Aches and pains in the body

Being very tearful

No appetite


No sex drive

Feeling that life is not worth while.


What we will do is find out what is happening to you, sort out the thoughts and feelings, and give it a reality check. We will take the time it takes to figure out what is meaningful to you and how life can become interesting again. As we were not born depressed, we are going to figure out how it came to be part of your life and how to get rid of it again. We will look at depression as an uninvited guest that has overstayed its visit and we will make sure that it doesn’t find ways to sneak back inside again.