Grief & Shadowbox

Dealing with grief is all about dealing with life’s unexpected twists and turns. How one handles grief depends on where it’s coming from. For instance, with life-threatening illness, dealing with fear and loss has to be weighed up by what is possible and what is next step in a way that holds the seriousness of the situation but in a way that also leaves room for hope and realistic magic to occur. What we need to do is to make sure that the head stays cool and the heart at ease while stepping into this dark forest together. We will deal with the fears, making sure that we make the right turns towards every opening of light that will help us on the way.

Dealing with grief when a loved one has passed away is different. The person who has lost a person close to them will go through different stages of dealing with the loss. Often the state of shock will last a long time, accompanied by a feeling that everything is unreal. Also there can be anger regarding the unfairness of how the world can go on when this big event just happened. We will go through all of the stages together using “shadowboxing”, a method that I’ve developed that can help you work through all of the feelings you have towards the person you just lost. Importantly, we will create dense stories in a visual way that will help you both anchor your feelings and move on in strong ways.