Hypnosis methods

Of inspiration within hypnosis I am inspired by Milton Erickson, who with pure magic and innate skills transformed minds and lives to the better through hypnosis.

I am sure that most of the hypnosis happened not in a dedicated trance but just in the therapy conversation with Milton Erickson which is just fascinating and I would have loved to have had that experience. Hypnosis in the traditional way where you are told to relax into yourself and where you will be elevated down into a trance state, is basically just a feeling of being in a relaxed state of mind where you let go of thoughts and get into the mode, as when you are just about to fall asleep. Everything that’s said can be remembered by you, so you are not further away than that and I couldn’t make you do something that you wouldn’t like, such as touting like a rooster. In that sense it’s quite different from what is usually shown in hypnotic tv shows. As a therapist my ethics prevents me from such ways anyway. What is useful in hypnosis is that we first figure out what little sentences that over time have snug into your unconscious mind, unto your spine of truths.

If I just said the opposite in a trance then your unconscious mind would just refuse those new phrases, because we haven’t shaken them up first. What we do is first to figure out what are dominering negative truths that you hold and then we challenge them and rephrase them into something you can say yes to, then we do the hypnosis. The reason is that your unconscious mind needs to say yes to the new sentences, in order to change the negative phrases that you want to get rid of. I think this process is useful because the first part of creating the new and improved sentences together adds to the effect of the hypnosis by being an individual taylor made word tapestry. It also creates the trust that is needed for allowing a trance to happen. Further more it’s useful to go over the problem and problem solving before swiping it away through hypnosis.

The latest research by Assen Alladin has shown that hypnosis actually creates new neural paths in the brain, so if the negative path of action is as big as a highway, the hypnosis blocks it off and creates a complete new route that over time will become the positive neurale highway. What is new is the fact that he has been able to prove this effect and that hypnosis can create new neurale cells. So just for a moment consider all the negative self hypnosis we all do to ourselves from time to time, that too changes the brain. It is vitally important to think thoughts that bild us up and to know how to do this. It is important that the self hypnosis gets more and more qualified and conscious to build up those positive thoughts that makes new paths that then become golden roads in the brain.