Low self esteem and mental training

Low self esteem manifests as a sense of not being good enough. It can become a self defeating condition, where you give up before even having started on the endeavor ahead of you. People with low self esteem will often compare themselves to other people and will struggle a lot to present themselves as best they can to hide their underlying doubts—doubts that keep one from being a free and a happy person. A person with low self esteem will see those statements as facts and therefore think of this task as hopeless but it is not, I will teach you to get around it and to keep the negative thoughts at bay. By exploring how this came about, we will find keys there to help us figure out how to reverse the false stories of inadequacy. What we will do is identify the underlying negative messages you are you are telling yourself and then challenge those tales and keep pushing until you can say “yes” to better statements regarding who and what you are.