Creative idea development and personal self development

Over the years I have talked to many creative people who have lost the focus or energy for what they are doing. Often creative people know they have a knack for getting good ideas, but they don’t realise how they generate them, or if they can do anything to bring the ideas back. What is important to understand is what kind of thinker you are. Do you get “next step” ideas or do you think in radical ways? If you are good at finding solutions for the next good idea or innovation then you are quite a different thinker than the radical thinker who will most likely get ideas that are not implementable here and now but nevertheless promise a very interesting and innovative future. If you have lost your way, I will help you understand how the creative mind works so you can see yourself and understand who you are in that regard and we will get you back on track. There can be situations at work or in your personal life that have clouded the vision. I will help you sort it out and deal with those issues in order for you to get back to where things are interesting and easier to handle.