Couples Therapy

Many couples choose to see a psychologist when they are close to ending the relationship. At that point each person in the relationship often feels that they have examined and tried out all possible ways to make their relationship work. First and foremost what I need to know is if each person still wants to be in the relationship. It might not be a very clear answer at first, since a lot of struggle can overshadow what is good in the relationship. So for the sake of knowing if you are on the way out of the relationship or if you are still in it, we will talk about those situations that make you want to leave, and about all the situations that make you want to stay. This will help you to figure out together if you believe in this relationship.

The next step is for me to help you act and think in a new way, so you will be better at dealing with difficult times that might come later on. Also we will practice how to communicate your good intentions and become emotionally attuned with each other and yourself.